Monday, April 23, 2018

Where is a Tree Hugger when you need one?

On a recent hike with my son, Jordan.
Today I'm celebrating World Book & Copyright Day by taking a read day! 

I feel like I earned it as I spent all last week, and my weekend celebrating Earth Day. 

By that I mean I purchased a truck load of plants, and then agonized over which ones I'm least likely to kill, what color combinations look best, and most importantly, where they need to go to make it look good. 

One of several flower beds.

By the time my husband, Randy, arrived home Friday evening I had the hard part taken care of, and all he had to do was dig a few hundred holes! With my help...which is why today, after all the garden aerobics we did, I felt justified to skip the morning run. 

Instead I chose to listen to my audio book while sprinkling cayenne pepper on the flowering plant that it turns out is not resistant to rabbits!

Happy World Book Day & Copyright Day!

Crack Open a Book! from Nutcracker Publishing.