Thursday, November 16, 2017

How 17 Under-50 Women Learned They Had Breast Cancer

Amelia Frahm

People- especially other writers- are always curious about how I became a children's book writer, and surprised to discover it may never have happened if not for breast cancer.

While I was on the mend, (and unable to do much else) from my recent implant surgery, I shared my story about how I learned I had breast cancer with Jenn Sinrich a writer for Reader's Digest. My story is included along with 16 other inspiring women who are surviving breast cancer: 

A cancer diagnosis is anything but easy—and, while it can change a person's life in a million ways, just one of those might be for the better. Read these inspiring stories of strong survivors whose breast cancer fueled them to become "thrivers."

How 17 Under-50 Women Learned They Had Breast Cancer-and What Helped Them Through It