Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Twenty-six on the 26: Happy Golden Birthday!

Only yesterday I was driving my daughter Tabitha to the mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, on her Golden Birthday. She was eight years old, and I had let her play hooky from school to celebrate. I had never even heard of a Golden Birthday, but I guess it was a thing in Minnesota, because she knew all about it, and just assumed I knew too. She was so happy and excited about it. Not to mention we were going to do a few of her favorite things like shop for her upcoming party, shop for her, and eat out. On the way to St. Cloud we talked about how her brother Jordan, who was almost six year old, would be all grown up when he had his Golden Birthday. That seemed like such a long day off back then. I was in no hurry for my baby to grow up, but here he is all grown up. March 26,2018, Jordan turned twenty-six years old. The best little pikachu in the whole wide world has grown up to be a really good man. Happy Golden Birthday, Jordan Bartow Frahm! Let us know when you want to go mall shopping (not gonna happen) for your birthday!❤️

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