Wednesday, May 20, 2020

My COVID Quarantine DYE DIY


This past Christmas my mom came to visit and to make her comfortable I succumbed to daughter’s guilt and let her have one of those electric Papa Bear recliners in my living room. I planned to hide the ugly monstrosity in the basement as soon as she left. 

Only it’s too dang large and heavy to carry with ease up and down a flight of stairs. Since my husband and I have a commuter marriage, and he’s not always here to do the heavy lifting I decided to just leave the recliner in the living room. 

Life can be so unfair. Like how my favorite foods are the most fattening and my most comfortable shoes are the ugliest. Or how my mom’s ugly new faux leather recliner made the leather furniture I paid a small fortune for back in the day and couldn’t bring myself to part with look old, faded, tattered.

Since no one was around to complain about the mess I was making or the lasting effects chemical fumes have on brain cells, COVID-19 Quarantine was the ideal time to tackle dying my faded leather furniture. 

There are several ways to DIY leather, and they can all be found on Pinterest. After doing my research I decided to use Fiebing's leather care products. Helpful information on how to use the products can be found here.  I used the following products:

I purchased 32 oz of Show Brown for a large chair/ottoman and sofa. 

If I do this again I may consider using a less expensive option for deglazing or conditioning the leather. However, I would not substitute the  Fiebing's Dye! It adhered great and I had zero problems with any of the dye coming off and onto clothing. 

So here it is my DYE DIY…




It turned out so good it made my zebra rug look shabby and it had to be replaced. Good thing I'd saved all that money DIYing my furniture! 😉  #lifeisgoodduringcovid

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Pandemic in 5 Words: My Corona De Vil Hair

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Quarantine 2020

This year for Lent I gave up chocolate candy and social media. If ever there were a time to overindulge in both it's been during the COVID-19 quarantine. So thank you, God!

Due to Jesus and Lent,  I'm lighter in more ways than one!

Monday, February 24, 2020

Lunar Laughter!

Once in a new moon, one of my art projects turns out better than expected. This was my first attempt at creating a full moon using Sculpey clay.  However, before I could get too full of myself, regarding my creative endeavor, this guy flipped right off the fireplace mantle and fell to the floor. Luckily he didn't fall on his face!

Most of the damage was around the outside rim. After I whined like a lunatic and sent pity evoking photos to my family,  I decided to embrace the flaws and imperfections. If you look you will see where I kintsugied him back together.

I never quite know about the man in the moon...if he's laughing with me or at me?   #lunarlaughter

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

How does Santa Light his Christmas Lights? Nuclear Power!

Don't get caught with coal in your stocking! 

Nuclear Power- It's how Santa Claus lights his Christmas lights!

This video came up in my FB memories. It's a Christmas marketing classic for Nutcracker Publishing. Watching it brings back some of my favorite Christmas memories. 

It's been eight years since my children helped me create this video.  Tabitha, my director, and Jordan, my Santa have moved onward and upward.  Today they are navigating their own career paths.   

Probably due to the inspirational motivation that job assignments at Nutcracker Publishing provided. 

Ho Ho Ho!