Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Don't Let the Dog Out!

Author Amelia Frahm with Gloria Cooper on WTZT-11, Athens, Alabama.

On my way to South Alabama, where I have several author school visits scheduled, by way of North Alabama, where my husband Randy works full-time and lives part-time.  Randy and I have a commuter marriage. A 3-M plant in Decatur, Alabama has been his work base for the past six years and he commutes between his job there and our home in North Carolina. 

Now that our kids are grown, I join him whenever possible.  It was during one of my visits that I discovered a" local and loving it" show called Cooper & Company that airs on WTZT -11 in Athen's, Alabama.  ZTV-11 as it's known is owned, operated, hosted, and produced by Gloria and Jamie Cooper. 

Although Gloria interviewed me, she and her husband Jamie, remembered by many as the Country Rover, could and should write their own book.  
Zoro & Gloria Cooper

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being a guest on ZTV-11,  meeting the Cooper's, their staff, and their dog! 

Anyone watching the show heard Jamie yell, "don't let the dog out!" He was talking to me!  When I opened the door to enter the station I was met by  Zoro.   

As always, it's the dogs I meet that make my author road trips most interesting!

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