Friday, July 22, 2011

While the weather outside soared to triple digits, I was inside Progress Energy’s air-conditioned Energy and Environmental Center at the Harris Nuclear Plant, on an Energy Safari with Senior Community Relations Representative, Kim Crawford, my son Jordan, and about forty Wake County, North Carolina fifth graders and their teachers.

It was a good day to learn how nuclear power plants produce electricity and even better day to point out it takes electricity to power our air conditioners. 

Last year students participating in the Wake County Energy Camp  were recruited to be my personal guinea pigs for my nuke book, which was still a work-in-progress.  This year’s students got to critique the finished product.

Despite the air conditioning, I was perspiring with nervous anxiety.  These were not just any guinea pigs,  but children that have an aptitude for the sciences. It was obvious from the get-go we had several future engineers in our audience.  

What a relief to receive the endorsement of the experts! 

The only thing hotter than the weather was Nuclear Power: How a Nuclear Power Plant Really Works!