Saturday, October 31, 2009

On Wednesday I anxiously waited to see how my segment on Daytime turned out. Palms sweating, I sat on my couch and tuned into WNCN- NBC 17, Raleigh, North Carolina, the local station that airs the show, to see if I came across as the author/expert I am and not a blabbering idiot
Wouldn’t you know it? It did not air locally due to bad weather the night before that affected their satellite transmissions. I’ve no idea when it will air locally now, but stay tuned…..

I had a great time visiting the set of Daytime. One of the best things about it was the people I met in the Green Room.

I handle my own publicity, am not a celebrity author, and getting booked on a show with a national audience is not easy. The competition is fierce and most of the people you watch have usually paid a great deal of money for a publicity or public relations firm to book their appearance. So in my career as an author/publisher I have been very fortunate.
After my experience on the set at Daytime I realized just how very fortunate! All the other experts in the Green Room were beautiful, brilliant, and a size zero! Yeah, it was FRIGHTENING, especially those size zeros! It would be easy to hate them, except they were all so darn nice.
Instead I thought I would namedrop some of the people in the Green Room:
That would have been me!
Sexologist, Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright : Do you have to be sexy to be a sexpert? My guess is, yes!
Founder of GreenWell, Kimberly Button: Yes, she was cute as a button. I’ll bet she gets tired of hearing that. I got to watch Kimberly film her segment, A Green Halloween , her personality really comes across and, she made it look way too easy.
Co-Founders and Owners of Green Nest, Lisa and Ron Beres: I would not be surprised to see this kind, and charismatic couple hosting their own TV show one day.
Twilight Casting Director, Lana Veenker: One of the brilliant minds behind the blockbuster vampire movie Twilight. Lana was accompanied by her friend Sybil, who looked like she should be, and I later discovered she was—an actress. They were the whole package, beauty, brains, success, but the thing that struck me most about these women was how approachable and down to earth they were.
Tabitha and Jordan are all grown up now, but I thought I would post a few of my favorite photos of costumes we did for past Halloweens. For more photos go to my Facebook Author Page:
Amelia Frahm.