Thursday, June 08, 2017

Why Nuclear? The American Nuclear Society has Answers!

My why can be found on the American Nuclear Society Facebook profile page (ANS) of which I'm proud to be a member.

The ANS is an organization devoted to peaceful, and beneficial applications of nuclear science and technology.

If you are looking for reliable, and credible information about nuclear power the ANS is a good place to begin your research.

If you're looking for something educational to do with the kids this summer check out their Nuclear Explorers Program.  Or run a quick google search to see if there's a nuclear plant near where you live that offers children's programs such as the Girl Scout Get to Know Nuclear Badge.

Presenting to students 

My own children, spent many a summer at the Harris Energy & Environmental Center in North Carolina, helping me develop my children's story on nuclear power plants.

Tabitha & her friend James

Before the illustrations were completed for Nuclear Power: How a Nuclear Power Plant Really Works! we used puppets to entertain the audience of summer science camp students we called lab rats.

with staff member Kim Crawford 

My children enjoyed the exhibits, loved the staff,

Jordan Frahm

and in hindsight being required to help their mom do research marketing for her children's book wasn't so bad either!