Thursday, January 19, 2012

Celebrating National Nuclear Science Week by Nuking Texas

Nuking Texas?  Well not the way one of my children’s book critics implied, but I am nuking them with information.

I am in South Texas, visiting local schools where I’ve been reading Mom's Choice Award RecipientNuclear Power: How a Nuclear Power PlantReally Works! to students and giving them a head start on celebrating National Nuclear Science Week

National Nuclear Science Week is Monday, January 23 -27, 2012, and is designed to recognize the contributions of the nuclear science industry and those who work in it every day.

I felt honored when Principal Sarah Roper, at Van Vleck Elementary School, Van Vleck, Texas, told me I was helping them kick off their Nuclear Science Week celebration.

Amelia Frahm with students at Van Vleck Elementary School.
After twenty-three years I have come home to South Texas. The warm and welcoming reception I have received has made me wonder how I could ever leave.  Okay, It did not hurt one bit that the cute young man at a local restaurant said, “Mam, whereever you’re going you  shore look nice,”  that the state trooper who pulled me over let me off with a warning and not a ticket, or that my cousin’s ten-year old son actually wanted his classmates to KNOW we’re related.  Yep, I love Texas and Texans.

Van Vleck Elementary School , Van Vleck, TX

Here are a few of the highlights of my visit:

Visiting Van Vleck Elementary School where my Aunt Loretta Cox, taught school back in the days I lived in South Texas.  My aunt is deceased now and visiting her school brought back wonderful memories

At Holy Cross Catholic School where my cousin Brittany Orsak's  step-
son, Joshua  Orsak, is a fifth grader.  I got to see Lesley and Kayley Hoffman,  who attended my December Booksigning Event in Bay City, Texas,  again as well  They're students at Holy Cross.  After my presentation was over the little girls I'm pictured with above came up and gave me hugs!  

Long before Congressman Ron Paul became a Republican presidential candidate I sought out pro-nuclear politicians. His office responded and while in Texas, it was my privilege to meet Tracee Tollett, who works for Congressman Paul, in person. 

I had the honor of presenting Tracee the finished book. FYI: That pic I'm holding is proof to my kids that I don't make these things up. It's a picture of the cattle drive I used to get stuck in when I worked at the STP nuclear plant! 

Blessing Elementary School in Blessing, Texas.  A small community school that looks just as you would picture a Texas Elementary School should look.

The story goes that the founder was so thankful to finally get a train stop so he could ship his cattle he wanted to call the town,  Thank God.  That name was rejected. 

Here I am pictured with students at Blessing Elementary.

 My audience of children at Blessing Elementary.  

I could not go to Blessing without visiting the Blessing Hotel. Back in the day I worked at the nuclear plant we would take our tour groups to the hotel for lunch. Built in 1906 the hotel is still in operation today.

It was past lunch time when I arrived, but I was happy to discover that
Helen Feldhousen is still the proprietor of  the hotel's dining room known today as the Hotel Blessing Coffee Shop.

I'll post more of my Texas author visit later.  Today I'm on my way to 
Matagorda Elementary School at Matagorda Beach.  The very beach I had in mine when I penned the words,"... so hot fish jumped out of the ocean already fried..."

For a list of school’s I’m visiting while in Texas please go to Author Events.

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